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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I knew it was waiting for me there in the bathroom. I could feel its presence everytime I walked by. When I woke up every morning it was there in the dark. Lurking. My mind was preoccupied with thoughts of its unyielding purpose almost every waking moment of my day. Even when it was physically nowhere near me it had the power to force itself into my mind. Every morning I told myself that I needed to confront this....thing. Face it and get it over with but the fear aways won out. I didn't want to have to deal with the fallout of another failure. Finally, this morning, summoning up the last dregs of courage that I had I entered the bathroom and stepped onto the scales. I lost the 10 lbs I had gained since last time I weighed myself! What changes had brought on this most welcome surprise? Well I have been going to the gym and I have just started riding the stationary bike 10 miles a day. I have been also watching what I eat. I can't say that I have been strict on counting calories but I have been well aware of what I have been putting in my cakehole. So here are the hard numbers for this month;

Weight- 300 lbs
Height- 6'2"
Waist- 50 1/2"
Chest- 51"
Bicep- 17 1/2"
Thigh- 29"
Neck- 19"

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back on track?

The good news. We are finally back on regular schedules at work. The bad news. I it completely through of my plan for exercise. I did squeeze in a couple of nights of riding the stationary bike 6 miles though. Badder news. Gained 10 lbs. Sometimes it seems like a losing (gaining?) battle.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The High Price of Being Overweight

Apparently not only does obesity cost you physically but FINANCIALLY!

Recent studies have found that obese people;

Spend more on out-of-pocket medical costs than thinner people.
I can see where this is true. I know I have been to see the doctor more in the last three years than I ever have in my entire life.

They also have lower incomes, are less likely to hold managerial jobs and are more likely to miss work.
Maybe this has to do with self esteem. Since my weight gain I try not to have to be the center of attention unless absolutely necessary. It also could be becasue businesses are concerned about the appearance of their managers so they are steering away from heavy set folks. Fair? No. Possible? Yes. They did say this in the article;
Obese people are poorer than the non-obese, but no one can say exactly why. Does being poor cause people to become obese, or does being obese keep people poor? What does seem clear is that the economic situation faced by seriously overweight people can make it harder for them to make the exercise, diet and lifestyle changes that promote weight loss. More healthful foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, generally cost more than less nutritious alternatives like fast-food cheeseburgers. And the costs of weight loss programs, personal trainers and gym memberships can be prohibitive.

They are less likely to be married and more likely to get divorced.
I never read the actual letter but my dad once left my mom citing her weight gain as one of the reasons that he left. I do not see the overweight person leaving a relationship in this situation. I would bet it's the other partner.

When they marry, their spouses generally earn less than non-obese people.
So basically fat people tend to settle for love anyway they can get it.

They inherit less wealth from their parents, who are more likely to be overweight themselves.
I guess this goes back to the previous question. If you settled for Tommy Trailortrash then what would you expect to leave your kids? Alone?

Beyond these research findings, experts say that obese people spend more on diets and on items such as larger-size clothes or extra-sturdy furniture. A few airlines have begun requiring severely obese passengers to buy two tickets.
I have spent money on diet pills and abmachines such as the flabdominizer. I have had to pay that extra $1 or $2 per X when I buy larger size clothes. My furniture is still made of wood. I have upgraded to stone or steel as of yet and when I fly, luckly I still get to use only one seat. (though it had gotten a bit snug)

Makes you start to consider all the situations you've encountered (while obese) and wonder how many of them went a certain way because of your weight. hmmmmmm
The story of Sara Flammang, a 44-year-old Tustin woman fits everyone of the above situations making her the poster girl for the article. Read the article HERE

Friday, July 29, 2005

The 3 Hour Diet

Have you heard about this new diet? Apparently it is called "The 3-Hour Diet" because you have to eat every three hours.

"What happens is you constantly reset your metabolism. And when you reset your metabolism, your metabolism gets stronger, it gets better, and you burn fat at the rate of two pounds a week," Cruise said.
Supposedly every week on this diet, you lose two pounds, with belly fat coming off first and then fat coming off other areas of your body. Cruise said that when you don't eat, your body goes into starvation mode. "Your body, when it's in that mode, will cannibalize your lean muscle tissue, and lean muscle is your metabolism," Cruise said.

When I start to lose weight it shows around my neck and face first and then later from other areas. "If" thisis real then this would be a good thing. My question though is how do you make your body decide to use the fat on your gut first? If I had that kind of control I could rule the world!
The Four Seasons restaurant helped Philadelphia television station WCAU demonstrate Cruise's plan, which is the same for every meal. Each meal must include protein the size of a deck of cards, carbohydrates the size of a Rubik's cube, fat the size of a water cap and fruits or vegetables the size of three DVD cases.

You can read the news article on it HERE
The official website is HERE

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New NBC show "Thick and Thin" Is fat funny?

THICK AND THIN (NBC)(TBA at midseason)
The network's description: "From multi Emmy-Award winning producer Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video Television comes this half-hour comedy about Mary (Jessica Capshaw, "The Practice"), a formerly fat woman who embarks on a new journey as a fit and newly single woman. That's easier said than done, however, when Mary's family and friends still see her as her former self. They include her overweight mother (multiple Emmy winner Sharon Gless, "Cagney and Lacey"), her overweight younger sister (newcomer Amy Halloran), her father (Martin Mull, "Roseanne"), and her weight-loss program buddy (Mel Rodriguez, "Panic Room"). But it is at the pool-and-spa company franchise she owns in suburban Florida that she finds her most unlikely confidant, her brother-in-law (Chris Parnell, NBC's "Saturday Night Live"), the company's "leotard-ed" spokesperson named "Captain Chlorine." When a cringe-worthy misstep lands her in bed with her ex, she realizes that getting thin was less about pleasing others -- and more about being comfortable in her own skin."
What did they leave out: That more or less covers it.
The plot in a nutshell: Soon-to-be-divorced pool-and-spa store owner (say that five times fast) Mary (Jessica Capshaw) has lost more than 60 pounds, hitting her goal weight after years of struggling. But her overweight family isn't making it easy: her mom (Sharon Gless) still puts butter on her nachos, her sister (Amy Halloran) is just thrilled that she's not gaining any more weight and her dad (Martin Mull) is just plain clueless. They mean well though, as do her bartender friend (Mel Rodriguez) and her dopey brother-in-law/co-worker Lyle (Chris Parnell). So now that her body has received a makeover (she's really "rocking those jeans" a stranger notes), will her mind follow? After all she's still used to being the girl that's ignored at bars and taken advantage of by her ex, who just happens to want to stir things up again after seeing the "new" Mary.
What works: Obviously, kudos to the producers and NBC for trying something different on TV. When practically every other show out there is filled with girls who look like they fell off the cover of Maxim, it's refreshing to see a series that embraces those that don't.
What doesn't: Any of the goodwill instilled from the above is quickly washed away by a painfully predictable plot and awkward jokes about being fat. Quick example: when a stranger tells Mary's sister she can't fit into her bikini, she responds "really, I can't see my cooch." (Insert awkward cricket-chirping noise here.) All of the humor in the show beats to death the idea that everyone on the show is fat (or used to be fat) - Mary's sister eats an entire bowl of barbecue sauce, thinking it's a bowl of soup; her parents bake her a post-divorce cheer-up cake only to eat it in the car; and Mary slow dances with a bag of chips after a bad date. There's just no opportunity to enjoy these characters without having fat jokes jammed down the audience's throat. We get it, they're fat (or used to be fat). It just gets old really quick. The only alternative is the slumming Chris Parnell, who's forced to dress up (leotards and all) as "Captain Chlorine," a character which feels like a washed-up "SNL" gag. Even worse is the wet noodle of a plot, which consists of Mary's ex all of a sudden treating her nice now that she's thin. I wonder if he'll be a jerk in the end?!
The challenges ahead: Can the show make a non-fat joke for once? Really, can it? We'll find out at midseason on NBC.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The lost the battle...win the war?

Ok. The whole purpose of me writing this blog is so I can be honest..right? Well My exercise regimen has yet to get off of the ground. I weighed myself and I gained about 5lbs! I know that the key is exercise and once I begin to actually get more of it I'll see results. The problem is that the last few days I have not only been working night shift but I have bee working 12+ hours!! So when I get home from work at six AM, I fall into the bed and sleep until about noon. Then I get up take care of some errands I need to get done and then it's back to work. I could probably squeeze in a few minutes of cardio but I have no energy because my schedule is off. We are supposed to be working these hours for possibly the rest of this week. We'll see how it goes.

I also attended a Healthy Living Workshop for two hours where I sat in a room with about 25 other people who are struggling to get fit. They taught us about portion control, and goal setting, finding our target heart rate etc. I left the class feeling a little encouraged. Not overly so but a little. I was inspired enough to go to the store and buy a few "good" foods such as baby carrots, cucumbers, nectarines,grapefruits, and a cantaloupe. One other thing they brought up was to start your exercise program slow and then work up. Me, being the manly man that I am, I tend to want to jump into an exercise program with both feet. Only doing 15 minutes on the Stationary bike? That's not a workout!! I need to ride this thing for 45 min at top speed! If I'm not sopping wet with sweat and wheezing like an old furnace then I haven't worked out!! This also tends to kill my desire to workout again anytime soon. So THIS TIME, I'm gonna try their way of doing things and see how it goes. Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I must be crazy!

When I first decided to make this blog I didn't tell my wife. I just did some research and built it. The way she found out was when I asked her to take the infamous before pics. She took them without a word and went back to what she was doing. Later that night she told me that she was proud of me for making this site and using it to help others and myself get a grip on obesity. That's some sweetest for you that doesn't add pounds.